About Us

Pool Builder Marketing Pros is the combined creation of Josh Brisbane and Sean Charsley. Both with extensive backgrounds in Digital Marketing. Their passion for everything H2O made the pool industry the perfect fit.

Sean Charsley – Co-Founder of Pool Builder Marketing Pros

Seans background in marketing began with the iconic brands such as The Hard Rock Hotel, Hakkasan Nightclub, and The Golden Nugget  Hotel & Casino. In the hospitality industry, his main objective was to create strategies on how to increase clientele foot traffic and persuade them to visit his establishments.

With the highly competitive Vegas market, Sean became an expert in digital as well as traditional marketing.

Seans career success transitioned him into the online consulting industry.

Here he focuses 100% of his efforts on increasing customer traffic and conversion rates. He became an expert on how to capture an audience and influence them to visit his venues.

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Josh Brisbane – Co-Founder of Pool Builder Marketing Pros

My passion for digital marketing can be traced back to me being a business owner for over 10 years. Whether trying to secure new clients for my marketing business or building a social media presence for my lifestyle brand, I have been in the digital marketing game from the start.

The reason? I enjoy helping businesses grow, by increasing their client base and by expanding their brand exposure.

Before owning my own businesses I worked for prominent brands Coca-Cola and Evian Water.  Allowing me to gain the experience of how the big corporations operate.

I have taken my over 10 years’ experience of building my own brands and co-created Pool Builder Marketing Pros to help pool builders expand their business.

Outside of Pool Builder Marketing Pros, I am a family man at heart. I enjoy the beach life with my wife, son and two Golden Retrievers. I am an avid surfer, a student of Krav Maga and a fitness buff who likes to stay active. I am currently working on being in front of the lens more by creating informational videos on SEO, Social Media, PPC Campaigns and tons more that our business provides.

I am VP of Membership for my local Toastmasters club and am always trying to improve my Spanish speaking skills.  I’ve been going to Cabo for over 20 years and my Spanish is not where it should be. And if you ask me I am the undisputed Uno King of the West Coast.

That is me in a nutshell!

Reach out to me on our Facebook or Instagram pages (I respond to everyone) and let’s get to know each other.