Website Redesign

Let’s face it- your website is the foundation for your online presence. It is your virtual office on the Internet for people who can’t reach you physically. Your company’s website is often your first impression you give to potential customers and helps to establish credibility. And it is the one point of contact for your business that needs to be relevant at all costs. Customers will see it and immediately form an opinion about your business based on nothing more than how it looks and operates.

Sadly, though for that business they continue to lose visitors (and money) daily.

It’s always disappointing to see a company spend the money to drive traffic to

their site only to have people be unimpressed and leave after only a few seconds. In today’s world of instant gratification that’s all you have to make a lasting impression. A few seconds. What worked for your site design 5 or 10 years ago may not even display appropriately on modern devices today. A great website can increase your business’ revenue and bottom line. Building a website with a clear goal and strategy will help you to increase leads, sales, and ultimately help you grow your business. The internet never closes, people can access your website 24/7 from all over the world. Your website can handle thousands of customers at a time, it can take on multiple transactions, it doesn’t get tired, it doesn’t take days off, it doesn’t call in sick. It’s always working for you, even while you sleep. So why would you skimp out on something so detrimental to your business?


An obsolete site structure also makes it difficult for search engines to learn what your site is about, which makes it harder for you to achieve higher search engine rankings. With highly experienced web developers, our website design team has all the tools to make your site appeal to your target audience and search engines simultaneously. We can help you create a website that suits your needs the best. From new website designs to website overhauls, we can handle any requirements that you need to take care of promptly.

Mobile Website Design

With more than half of Internet users now using mobile devices to browse what the world has to offer; you must have a website that caters to mobile devices just as well as it does to desktop computers.

Throw in Google’s update of indexing the mobile version of every website for ranking assessment instead of the desktop site, and the need to update your mobile website design grows very serious very quickly. Now, if your website is not optimized for mobile, then it gets deemed as a failure by the search engines for general as well as local SEO services. As a result, you never achieve top rankings even if you are doing everything else by the book.

On the other hand, having a mobile-friendly website design doesn’t only help you get in the good books of the search engines and boost your SEO plan. Still, it also lets you improve your site’s navigation and experience for your target audience. Simply put, it is a win-win situation for search engine optimization SEO as well as user experience.

With our experience in mobile website design, Pool Builder Marketing PROS goes a step beyond merely taking care of your website’s marketing. By employing Google’s direct suggestions to improve a site for mobile devices while also using our methods for mobile optimization, we can turn your website from a relic of the past to an effective business platform of the future. Reach out to us today and let us take care of your site with our efficient and timely services right away.

Website Development Pricing:


A brand new, fully optimized website starts at $2500

To update an existing website starts at $1600 depending on what platform the site is built on.